Our Story

We were a couple of fitness enthusiasts who had a lot of passion for business, and as years went by, we became more involved in fashion but always had a hard time finding high-quality activewear that was stylish yet affordable. It was clear to us that there were a lot of good brands out there that had high-quality activewear, but they were lacking style and were too overpriced, and that’s when the idea of xBrive was born.
Our mission was simple, create clothes that feel like they are specifically designed to highlight the physique of anyone who wears them. Not only did we want to focus on quality but also make clothes that dominate in the fashion department.
From there, our team worked relentlessly to ensure every small detail was on point, from the key measurements that fit perfectly in the right areas around the right muscles to the choice of fabric blends that we incorporate for each product to fulfill its need. Every product in our shop is strategically designed to withstand the toughest workouts while keeping your style in check.
We believe that you should never sacrifice style for performance. 
That’s our story, we are xBrive, and we want you to sweat in style.
BD -Founder